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Community Minded Dentist in Wabash

Head Start Program

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 We were fortunate enough to provide Free #Dental #Exams and simple #cleanings to over 150 kids at our #Head #Start #Event this past Friday! At LADD, we are strong believers in giving back to the communities that we serve. Which is why we are proud to announce that this year, we have already provided Free dental services and supplies to over 1,000 #North#Central#Indiana #children & #families!  PS- And a huge shout-out to all of the volunteers and staff that made this event so successful.  .

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Indiana University Kokomo Scholarship

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 Since 1978, we have prided ourselves on giving back to the communities in which we serve! That is why we have partnered with Indiana University Kokomo! Our LADD Dental Group Community Scholarship supports two annual scholarships for incoming freshmen at IU Kokomo. One of our scholarships supports a student athlete, and the second scholarship supports a student studying biological sciences, with preference to pre-dentistry or pre-med programs.  Click Here to Learn More  

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Official Dentist of the Jackrabbits

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 We are so grateful to be the Official Dentist and Orthodontist of the Kokomo Jackrabbitsagain this season! They are such a good example for our communities youth, and their games are a great way for families to spend quality time together! We are extremely proud to be able to support this organization, and we are even more grateful to have had the opportunity to serve this community for the past 40 years! Community minded dental care since 1978! 

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Dental Supply Donations

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 We have been fortunate enough to provide free dental supplies to over 1,500 families and organizations this year. We pride ourselves on giving back to the communities in which we serve, and this is just one more way that we can show our appreciation through action 

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Oral Health Education

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 We are always honored when local schools and organizations allow us the ability to present to their members. This past year we have had the opportunity to engage with 8 local elementary schools and inform their students about the importance of good oral hygiene. 

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Community Minded Dentist in Wabash

 We are getting super excited for the upcoming 2018 Wabash Cannonball Chili Cookoff!!! Stop by and see us this Saturday, and let us know how our chili turned out!! Alyssa Williams and Kirsten Turner will be using a recipe that has been past down for generations, so we can't wait for you guys to try it!! #CommunityMinded #Charity #LADD #CommunityStrong 

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 Community minded dental care since 1978! I want to give a shout out to Amanda Harris and Patterson Dental for giving us some #dental #supplies that we are donating to #Vernon #Manor!   Also we wanted to take this opportunity and thank the team over at #Bendix in #Huntington for having us at their health fair yesterday as well! #Community #Minded #Dental #Care #Wabash #LADD #Dental 

Community Minded Dental Group

 πŸš¨πŸŒΆβœ… We had a wonderful time supporting the 2018 #Wabash #Cannonball #Chili #Cookoff this past weekend!! Thanks to everyone who came out & saw us, and a MASSIVE thank you to our awesome LADD Team Members who donated their time and effort to the cause as well! Our community minded dentist in Wabash, Dr. G, and her husband were there along with a lot of our other stand-out team members! πŸŒΆπŸ‘€πŸ˜ #Wabash #Huntington #Charity #CommunitySupport #FamilyFun 

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